It would have been hard to imagine this collaboration when we knew one another in the context of the corporate world.  But, when Penny moved across the country and started making her beautiful candles, she opened the door for a new way to work together.  Writing and candle-making have a lot in common; both are messy experiences that demand patience, experimentation, and a healthy dose of humility. From our "workshops" in Vista, California and Pelham, Alabama, thank you for inviting more light and learning into your home this holiday season.


We selected Penny Candle Co.'s "Blue Spruce" as the partner scent for "More Human Than Otherwise" as it reminds us of the grounded presence and the deep humility that is so often experienced in the dark beauty of a winter forest.

David + Penny



More Human Than Otherwise: Living & Leading with Humility
by David Berry

What are the characteristics of a leader you would willingly follow?

More Human Than Otherwise is an invitation to shift the responsibilities of modern leadership from the limitations of competence to the expansiveness of connection. To become a "more human" leader is to humbly acknowledge the messy truth that you are a work in progress and to harness that authenticity to unlock your team's engagement. In a 30-year career in business and higher education, David Berry has worked with leaders at all levels of organizational life. He draws on his thousands of hours of classroom and one-on-one leadership interactions to frame an approach to leading and living that will help you become a leader you would willingly follow.

In Part 1, you are invited to adopt a new leadership language, one that will help you use your most powerful learning experiences and make them the centerpiece of a human-centered approach to leadership.
In Part 2, you are challenged to take stock of who you are, what you value, how you excel, and how your personal passions and aspirations are relevant to your leadership. You are then guided through the steps of a powerful feedback loop that will sustain your learning and support your growing leadership impact.
In Part 3, you will read stories and reflections that will normalize your own challenges and inspire the reflection necessary to use your experiences for the good of those you lead.

More Human Than Otherwise will equip you with the language, tools, and examples that will help you become a leader that you would willingly follow.