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Meet Baloo

He came into our life last October. One morning I was procrastinating getting out of bed - not unlike any other day for me - and decided I wanted to look on the local humane society website.  I never do this.  My heart can’t take it.  But, something that day lead me to that site.  

And, then to the saddest looking dog on their page.  

And, I had to have him.

We went to the shelter to visit him and they won’t let us take him out - they thought he might be deaf, they thought he couldn’t walk, they thought he was a hospice dog (in their defense the shelter was / is overcrowded and understaffed - like most shelters - and he had only been there a week so they didn’t really know him).  

We left. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  

So I’d call. 

And I’d email.  

And I’d call again.

I wanted him.

I needed him.

Finally, everything checked out so we could take him home (they carried him out to my car and I rode home with all the windows rolled down as he smelled so bad).  So bad.  

Lots of love and good food and exercise and he’s now a different dog.  Amazing what those 3 things can do for dogs...and people.  

He’s my boy.  

When we lost our Sheltie - my heart dog - a few months later, Baloo kept me going and helped our sadness; his purpose really came into light: to help us mourn the passing of Lolly and look forward with hope to our new life with him, our Baloo.

He is the bestest boy.  

They said he was 9. We have decided he’s 7.  

We hope he lives forever.

When you purchase one of our Peek A Baloo candles, $10 goes directly to Puppies and Golf.

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