Faith2020 (Teakwood)

Faith2020 (Teakwood)

The best ideas don't always come from CEOs or the people whose job it is to create new products. The best ideas can come from anywhere. In this case, the idea for this candle came in the form of a text from my Aunt Julie during the Corona Virus of 2020. She suggested this name and when I asked her what that candle would smell like to her, she responded, "Teakwood and musk." That sounded like an amazing scent, so I got to work and came up with this candle. This is a masculine scent which is bold, but also very clean. Brett loves it. I love it. We think you will love it too.


The book in this picture is the book my Grandma got as a reward for one year’s attendance in Sunday School, circa 1930. She gave this to me on my last visit to see her in September 2018.


Smells like: Teakwood + Musk

8.75 oz 40-50 hours burn time



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