First Snow

First Snow

Remember waking up as a kid after the weather man had announced on the 6pm news the night before that the first snow of the season would happen that night?


Remember how you'd jump out of bed and bolt to your bedroom window and pull back the curtains (mine were green and white polka dot) and it would be so bright outside from the fresh snow on the ground and the sunshine reflecting off all the white?


I do.

We all do.


If it was a school day it was even better because maybe - just maybe - you'd see your school name scroll across the TV screen and school would be canceled (!!) - for the whole day (!!!). What a glorious day that would be! And, off you'd go in your Moonboots and winter coat and stump through the snow to your friend's house to make snow angels and snow forts and live your best life as only a 10-year-old child can who has a free day just to BE!




Smells like: Pine + Red Currant + Juniper


8.75 oz

40-50 hours burn time

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