Brett's Great Grandma use to make him gingersnap cookies every year for his birthday. Usually they'd arrive at our house in an old (recycled) coffee can full of cookies protected by waxed paper. It always made him so happy to receive this gift. When she passed away (at 99 years old) Brett's mom took over mailing the cookies to us in California every year. They really are the best gingersnap cookies - soft, chewy and sprinkled with lots and lots of sugar on top. This scent reminds us of Great Grandma Bendlin and her thoughtful gift Brett would receive every year from her, baked with love. The plate in this picture is part of Penny's parents wedding china. Her mother gifted it to her a few years ago. Many Christmas dinners were eaten on these plates.  Smells like: Ginger + Graham Cracker + Cinnamon 8.75 oz40-50 hours burn time


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