Mini Trios

A trio of 3 mini scents with a coupon for $5 off a full-size scent.  


Be Kind to Yourself:  Home, Sanctuary, Spa Day

Best Sellers Trio: Home, Spa Day, 314

Summertime: Southern Peach, The Porch, Vista

Faith + Hope + Love: Faith2020, 314, 1639

Day Drinking: #GSFD, The Hideaway, Paloma


Each candle approximately 3.5 oz.

Approximately 20 hours burn time per candle.


Our Scent Key is listed under our FAQ section on this website (it's the first FAQ). Click on the link and it will take you to a PDF of our scents; you can then match your scents to the color-coded key. This information is also on the back of the $5 off coupon included in each Mini Trio order.

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