Vanilla Ice Cream

I'm pretty sure it's a requirement to like ice cream on my paternal side of the family.  In fact, if you *don't* like ice cream you are most likely an imposter trying to sneak into our family - ha! 
I have so many memories of eating ice cream with my family and grandparents.  When we were kids my dad would always make chocolate malts on Friday night and they were so good.  He would put a raw egg in the malts and I thought that was so cool. 
My Gramps had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and crushed peanuts on top every night before he went to bed - and he lived to be 98 years old.  So, ice cream can't kill you; it's a necessary food group.
The ice cream scoops in this picture are from my Grandma Behrens.  I use to bake with her when I was younger and she bought me 2 of these when I was a teenager as she knew how much I liked cookies and these made the perfect scoops of dough.  When she went to assisted living the big scoop was "up for grabs" and I decided I needed that one too.  I miss her, but her love and memories live on.
You'll like this candle.  It's like ice cream.  How could you *not* like it?
Smells like: Vanilla + Buttercream
8.75 oz
40-50 hours burn time


    Pelham, Alabama

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