Meet the Owners

Just the 2 of us.  It has been that way through almost 26 years of marriage.  It is the same way with our little candle company.  The 2 of us do it all - buying, testing, production, shipping, website design and development, marketing - every part of the business begins and ends with us.  Thank you for trusting us to make candles we love for you.  We love sharing our favorite things in candle form with you.


Penny Muetzel

Owner | Candlemaker

We've been together since we were kids in Spencer, Iowa - and we still are - and we are still having fun.  One thing that hasn't changed: my love of Broadway musicals and candles.  I told myself that I'd use my creativity more in my 48th year on this earth.  Starting Penny Candle Co. is the culmination of a lot of soul-searching and work on being who I was meant to be.  I truly believe that everyone is a creative human being - we just need to be open to giving (and receiving that gift).  These candles are my gift to you.

Brett Muetzel

Owner | Candlemaker

Brett has been my biggest protector and supporter since I was 16 years old. We've done everything together since we were kids - including moving out to California in our early 20s to "go on an adventure" and doing this exact same thing 25 years later as we packed up and moved to Alabama.  Adventure always awaits!  Brett continues to quietly push me and also let me be the person I was meant to be. Thankfully, he's also really good at science and math or some of this wouldn't be happening (ratios and formulas aren't my thing).


Penny Candle Co.

100% soy candles poured with love in Pelham, Alabama.

Penny Candle Co. is an on-line candle store.  Started by a husband and wife team, we work hard to bring pure scents of happiness and joy in a vessel of hand-poured love to your home.



Pelham, Alabama

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